2020 Tech Cluster

The next Northland Tech Cluster meeting is on Wednesday 19. Feb from 5pm @WBHS Library.

Again we have some awesome speakers joining us:

1) Dr. Nur Nabilah Shahidan – “Smart Polymers”, Researcher @ University Malaysia Kelantan

Nur recently arrived in Whangarei. She will be talking about her work on polymers: Cationic P(DMA-co-HEMA) for bioassay application. She received her PhD from University of Manchester in 2014. Her research interests are biopolymers, smart polymers and functional polymers.

2) Mark Churcher – “The future is remote”, Lead engineer @ Cognizance and Montage Interactive

Mark is originally from Christchurch. He worked for Wynyard group and Tait Communications and now works for fully remote company Montage Interactive, which enabled a move to Whangarei. He believes that improving remote work opportunities is obvious to improve tech adoption in regional cities such as Whangarei

3) Bram Pitoyo – “Latest UX insights” @ Mozilla

Bram is a user experience designer and specialist of most other subjects at Mozilla. He will give a short introduction to understanding and improving people-experience and service- usability with data and research – from the comfort of your home office.

4) Pauline Rose – “Getting Northland connected”, Chief Operating Officer @ Uber Communications

Pauline is not only the COO of Uber, but also the owner of a boutique banana plantation and lotus farm. Formerly she was project manager for the New Whangarei Central Library building and many other exciting roles.

Please bring a friend and lots of questions.



For the rest of 2020 we have lots of plans of exciting topics and speakers.

This will include earth observation topics, Beyond-visual-line-of-sight (BVLOS) drone surveying, regenerative farming, smart sensors, machine learning/ artificial intelligence/ deep learning, internet of things (IoT), Smart Transport, Autonomous vehicles, Global Warming Mitigation Strategies and many more.

If you know an interesting speaker or an exciting topic for the technology community in Northland, please get in touch. We like to hear from you.

Again, many thanks for your excellent support in 2019 and hope to see you and your friends/ colleagues in 2020.
Martin & the Tech Cluster Crew

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