Next Tech Cluster Meeting

Our next Tech Cluster Meeting is planned for late October.

Our first speaker will be Brian talking about how to develop a fairly complex robot for gaming. Brian will cover insights on the sensors used to detect and interact with the robots 🤖 environment and communication technology, as well as commercial learnings.

We try to get a  GIS Expert to talk about their work and the latest LiDAR scan of Northland. Maybe even someone to talk about Earth Observation/ Satellite remote sensing, if we can find a speaker.

Some students may report on their recent gov hack experience…


If you are a local entrepreneur and like to get some free mentoring advice, please book at


Please contact us if you like to join the planned 3D hands-on workshop or like to suggest a topic or speaker for next tech cluster. Any student projects are always welcome.

See you in October,

Martin & the Crew



Whangarei needs YOU to keep Tech Cluster going.

And improve the WordPress website with a proper, searchable directory, ability to list projects/ events…

If you have time/ skills or know someone who has, please contact us.

Many thanks !!!!


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